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    Section 3: Forum Signatures/User Images & Titles


    The rules of this forum are largely based on RFC1855, a widely accepted internet standard for netiquette. These rules are applicable in the main website, forums, PM system and the shoutbox (when available).

    Section3: Forum Signatures/User Images & Titles

    We allow you to display a custom signature below every post you make, but we do insist that you adhere to the following rules in order to keep the forums pleasant to browse and clear of visual clutter.

    If you choose to make use of the Signature function, you must follow one of the below options. NOT a mixture!

    Signature Options:

    1. Up to 6 user bars on their own as long as when all the width and height dimensions of all the bars added up does not exceed 550x200. They must be 'grouped' together.

    2. One forum signature no larger than 450x120 pixels and 3 user bars.

    3. One forum signature no larger than 450x120 pixels and one 'minor' forum sig. The total size taken up must NOT exceed 550x200.

    4. One forum signature no larger than 550x200 pixels. This size of forum signature must not include any text.

    5. Forum users are welcome to include a few lines of text IF the Signature rule they are following does not express a limit on text. However, if the amount of text used is deemed as excessive by a Forum Moderator, it will be removed without warning.
    6. Forum users are forbidden from setting their 'User Title' (directly under your forum username to the left of all posts made by that user) to "Banned". This is the user title automatically set to forum users who are added to the Banned Users group when banned from the site and causes confusion. If you do not wish to be banned for real, do not pretend to be banned!
    7. Your signature, Avatar, Username and/or User Title must not include any image or text which could be deemed as obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, illegal, racist or religiously inflammatory or otherwise volatile of any forum decency standards. See forum rules 1(3) and 2(4).
    8. Any signatures contravening these rules will be removed WITHOUT NOTICE, either in full or in part. Repeated abuse of this rule will result in your personalized signature privileges being revoked permanently.
    9. Conditions of Use regarding uBe Release Publicity Signatures dictate that it must not be edited in any way.
    10. Use, copying or editing of any of the uBe logos, or related imagery in any format is expressly forbidden unless written (either paper or electronic means) consent is obtained by the copyright holders prior to use.
    11. uBe staff are permitted to customize their 'sig space' on a more relaxed basis.
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