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    Section 2: Post Content


    The rules of this forum are largely based on RFC1855, a widely accepted internet standard for netiquette. These rules are applicable in the main website, forums, PM system and the shoutbox (when available).

    Section 2: Post Content

    When posting in an online forum or chat, there are several things in which you have to pay attention to. One of the most important things is content. We have a very large member base so you must keep in mind that what you say can/will be offensive to other members. To prevent this from occurring unnecessarily, you must abide by our stricter set of rules regarding what you post. All moderators are instructed to ensure that these rules are maintained and will discipline any offenders.

    Spamming will ultimately get you removed from our forum. This includes continuously inviting people to your website, posting tons of threads within a very short time, or just plain out flooding. uBe does not allow any unauthorized advertisement threads/posts on our forums. Creating multiple threads on the same subject is the same as Spamming. Any type of "Free Stuff" threads that appear to be of commercial value will result in a warning and if multiple threads are posted within a certain time frame you will be banned. If an account is created and used to automatically spam advertisements of any kind, it will be perm banned immediately without any kind of warning. ISP's will be contacted and written complaints made to the relevant legal authorities.


    Remember that we have younger members in our community. Overuse of swear words will result in a warning. Further excessive use of adult language will result in further sanctions towards those concerned.


    Racist, sexist, homophobic, or religious insults are the quickest way to get you banned from the forum.

    Images, Videos, and Text

    No pornographic, offensive, overly/mindlessly violent or inappropriate images, videos and/or text are allowed. This covers any Signature, Avatar, User Name, User Title, Video or Image associated with your personal forum account or any image/s, or link to such, posted by any user. If you would not show your boss the image, it shouldn't be on these forums. Remember that Forum Moderators have the final say on what is acceptable.

    Users may post images using only the following methods:

    1. Re-size images so they are 1280x1024 (or widescreen comparable) MAXIMUM resolution when using IMG tags.
    2. Include the link, but DO NOT use the IMG tags to embed the image directly into the post (obviously no image resolution restrictions with this method).
    3. Post a thumbnail that links to the likes of 3rd party image hosting sites.
    4. Make use of the 'Attach Files' function of the forum.
    5. For reference threads and Community Mod forums, common sense suggests that the higher resolution images required for accurate asset creation should be zipped uploaded and the link posted or sent in a private message.

    Flame wars

    Direct or indirect "flaming" of any forum member to incite or perpetuate a conflict or argument is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate action by a forum moderator. Any forum topic which a forum moderator deems as controversial or that may possibly lead to an argument/flame war will be closed or deleted. We will not babysit topics on these forums.

    Private Messages

    Abuse of the Private Messaging System is against forum rules. If anyone sends threats or insults to you via the Private Message (forum or chatbox), contact a moderator who will act accordingly.

    Subject Lines

    Make your subject lines descriptive. Subject lines such as "Check this out!" or "This is so cool!" or "I can't believe this!" are not descriptive, and result in multiple postings on the same subject. Before posting, you might want to look through the current page of posts to see that someone has not already posted on the same subject. Failure to describe your thread or link within a thread will result in it being locked and possibly removed.

    The tone of your post is very important. Always bear this in mind. Everyone has a different outlook, opinion, and perception about what a person says and how they say it. It is a good idea to make use of the 'preview' option and review what you have typed, and how you have put it across. It's also a good idea not to post if you are angry about another user's views. Calm down and think your reply though...


    Constructive criticism is welcome but should be thought through and subjective. If you don't like something, put forward mature points as to why. A persistently bad attitude and/or negative comments towards the team, the mod or otherwise will lead to your permanent removal from the forums.

    Forum Tampering

    Any attempt to manipulate the coding of the site, or perform any actions, not of normal operations of the site, will result in an immediate IP ban.
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